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Talents Connection and BEM Films' indie, True Riches, DANCEWORDZ Productions, looney comedy-horror spoofing from The Pimps Horror House

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Posted by actorschecklist
16 years ago
Tags: horror, comedy, funny, weird, monster, pimp, psychedelic, camp, dance, ballet, poetry, poetic, movement, music, black, entertainment, gospel, indie, rich, spiritual

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This month on video you will see trailers and sample clips of 'True Riches' a collaborative production of Talents Connection ( and BEM Films, slated for a premiere screening at the Business, Arts & Entertainment Conference, September 27 at LA Convention Center. Unusual comedy spoofing the horror genre from The Pimps Horror Houseā„¢ TV show, Cleveland ( DANCEWORDZ was founded by award-winning laureate poet/writer, H. G. Robert and professional ballet dancer/choreographer, Wayland Anderson. DANCEWORDZ ( operates as a creative freelance production duo that writes, choreographs and stages shows for professional companies and art programs. The Actor's Checklist now lets you check the latest musical artists song releases on Apple's iTunes, updated on an hourly basis, at:

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